Monthly Money Meetings with Financial Aid

Did you know…?

  • There is $1.26 trillion in total student debt in the United States.
  • The average debt for a WIU student is around $30,103.
  • About 44.2 million Americans have student debt.
  • The student loan delinquency rate (90 days or more of unpaid payments) exceeds 11.1%.
  • The average monthly student loan payment is around$350.
  • There are about $63.2 billion loans in default (failing to pay the loan back).
  • There are about 7 million borrowers in default

The Financial Aid Office is here to help!


Clearly, student loans are an issue for many students and graduates in the United States. Some students aren’t sure how to manage their money once they graduate from college.

The Financial Aid Office offers a Financial Literacy program that will provide students with the knowledge and understanding of managing their finances, while also having fun in the process. Programs like this can often get overlooked because finances are a topic that many people are uncomfortable talking about.

Financial Literacy is an important part of student life and we are here to help, reach out to us by email at either or


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