University 490 -Career Internship

Take 2 credits or take 10; take 5 credits or take 12! It’s all up to you. You create the internship (we don’t find them or have a list but Career Development Center does) But paid, unpaid, it really is whatever works best for you. Here are the Highlights:

  • Look within your CURRENT place of employment — you can do this internship where you work! If there are special projects, changes to make, training to do: any new or different from your current tasks can be used!
  • Could provide an opportunity for advancement.
  • Perfect for Students with Families or other obligations — by doing an internship with your current employer, you don’t have to go anywhere else
  • OR, make contacts by setting up an internship with your dream company.
  • Web design? One student used a freelance web-based project with a new client as his internship
  • UP TO 12 HOURS OF UPPER DIVISION CREDIT — 40 hours of internship work equals 1 credit, you must take at least 2 credits per internship
  • REPEATABLE — Take this course in whatever number of credits (2+ minimum) over and over up to a total of 12 credits — each internship must be a new experience
  • Here are the Particulars: UNIV 490 Syllabus / UNIV 490 Proposal-Application

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