Trouble So Soon?

WIU Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Life is unpredictable; we know that. Sometimes you start the semester with the best of intentions and then…stuff happens. We’d like to encourage you to be proactive and seek assistance early; there are several potential options available to you:

  • Speak to your instructor. If the issues effecting your studies are temporary, you may be able to make arrangements with your instructor for the time being and until you’re able to give your time and attention to your courses again. 
  • Contact your advisor. Your advisor may have some suggestions or may be able to refer you to other resources to assist you in raising your grade.
  • Speak to your instructor! It bears repeating. In addition to offering temporary adjustments to due dates or other arrangements, instructors can be incredibly helpful and understanding when students inform them in advance of future issues. Keeping your instructor informed of your circumstances can insure that…

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