We Want to Meet You

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS) Assistant Director, Jennifer Tibbitts, participated in the 2015 Southern Illinois Community Colleges State University Transfer meetings, traveling to Southern Illinois the week of June 15th.
We don’t typically attend the State University Transfer Day programs held during the academic year, but Undergraduate Admissions was supportive of us attending this Summer event in Southern Illinois because they are aware of our individual BGS and community college partnerships and our desire to foster those partnerships.   Also, our degree may be attractive for your students who are place bound, not able to attend college in the traditional manner.
*BGS does not require campus attendance.  It can be done completely online if preferred.
*WIU online enrollment not consistently required or required at admission.  Only 30hrs of WIU credit required to graduate from WIU.
*Only 40hrs must come from a 4yr university giving community college partners the opportunity to offer a bachelor’s degree from their campus.
*BGS staff can present student’s WIU degree at their community college commencement ceremony.
*Only 40hrs must be 300 or 400 level coursework
*Internship opportunity available that earns 400 level WIU credit
*Feasible for AAS to transfer to a bachelor’s degree applying their AAS degree credit
*Non-Majored.   Minors optional
*Award of unlimited military credit that has been recommended for academic credit by the American Council on Education (ACE)
*Acceptance of ACE recommended work training and Proficiency exam credit
*No time limit on transfer credit
*No time limit to complete degree
We greatly appreciate the opportunity to connect with our community college partners to remind them of the unique features of  the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree.    We want to foster all the community college partnerships, and encourage you to let us know if we could attend a meeting on your campus with your advising and enrollment staff members.
Thank you to the following community colleges for participating:
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges – Olney, Frontier, Lincoln Trail, Wabash Valley
Kaskaskia College
Rend Lake College
Southeastern Illinois College
Shawnee Community College
John A. Logan
Southwestern Illinois College
Lewis and Clark Community College


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