Think Summer & Think Classes

The Many Benefits of Summer Courses

We honestly don’t think many of you are against the idea of summer courses but there are a few benefits and tips you may not have considered:

Create an accelerated education plan-
Taking courses in summer allows you the opportunity to take fewer courses during the regular semesters without getting behind; thereby giving students an opportunity to focus in on the quality of their coursework and improving GPAs by not spreading yourself too thin.

Enjoy Abbreviated times and flexible schedules-
Western offers several online 8-wk, 1st 4-wk and 2nd 4-wk courses ranging from general education 100-200 level courses to upper division electives, Foreign Language/Global Issues, and Writing in the Discipline courses.

Get THAT course out of the way-
Although we do not suggest you take an extremely difficult course during the summer when the course time is cut in half and the workload generally twice as much, it can be a good time for courses that you know you can do but don’t necessarily relish doing. For example, many students who don’t like Speech or COMM courses will take that course during the summer. One benefit of taking COMM in summer is the fact that you will be completing the public speaking aspect of the course over in a fairly brief amount of time; instead of agonizing over a handful of speeches over the span of 16 weeks, you’ll be done with them within half that time. Additionally, students who aren’t particularly fond of certain subjects or general education categories (such as Fine Arts or Math) frequently take those courses during the summer, which leads us to the next benefit

Take a course that requires more concentration-
Occasionally, students may decide to take a slightly more difficult course over summer when students generally only take one or two courses at most. Although the course moves at an accelerated pace, you will be able to devote more of your time and attention to the course if it is the only course you’re enrolled in, as opposed to taking the difficult course during the regular semester when you will likely have three or four other courses to demanding your attention.


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