Summer and Fall 2014 Classes

It’s nearly time to register for Summer AND Fall 2014 semesters.

Early registration for BOTH begins early April; open registration for BOTH begins at the end of April. During open registration, any student may register for the online courses.  Until Open Registration, many of the online courses are restricted to BGS students.  For that reason, it is so important that you take advantage of your Advanced Registration opportunity!
You will have received an email to your “WIU Zimbra email address” providing you with the date and time of your registration.   That date will also be noted when you launch your STARS student data base. If you are not using these online resources, you are inevitably missing valuable information. You should have your schedule and have met with your advisor BEFORE your assigned registration date. BGS students do not have advisor holds to prevent you from registering without advisement; however, we suggest meeting with your advisor starting in the middle of March. Some students are already contacting and meeting with their advisor now.

The schedule is online NOW! 


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