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WIU Professor Authors Sustainable Landscaping Textbook
A new textbook on sustainable landscaping was written in response to shifting environmental concerns, according to its author Marietta Loehrlein, professor of horticulture and landscaping at Western Illinois University. It is titled “Sustainable Landscaping: Principles and Practice.”

“I wanted to address such concerns as climate change and environmental degradation due to development from the perspective of landscaping practices. I looked at what practices are actually being implemented by landscape companies throughout the United States. I also looked at what types of practices have been around for a long time that can help to minimize human impact on soil, water and air,” she explained. “Urban heat islands, managing excess storm water and encouraging wildlife habitat in cities and towns are included as topics in the book.”

The publisher, CRC Press, fast-tracked the book for publication.

“The editor at CRC Press was excited to learn about this book and did not hesitate to pick it up for publication when the publisher learned about it last year,” Dr. Loehrlein added. “There is a big difference in the number of companies practicing sustainable landscaping today than there were when I started writing the book.
For more information, contact Dr. Loehrlein at (309) 298-1089 or via email at

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