Construct the Ideal Spring

It’s registration time again, time to choose your fate
and review your plan for the future, this degree and beyond.

As you’re preparing there are a few things that we’d like
for you to consider:

Review this semester and any other past semesters.
         Do you see a pattern (either helpful or harmful)? How many credits
         can you safely take without jeopardizing your GPA and/or outside
         obligations? Do you do better with a mixture of online and
         in classroom courses? All online? Morning or Evening, etc…

Choose your instructors wisely.
        Do you have a favorite instructor? As a BGS student you have
        the unique ability to take whichever courses you’d like as long
        as you fulfill the general education and graduation requirements
        so you can take as many of Favorite Instructor’s classes as you
        Rate My Professor. We know you’re using it to pick from instructors
        you don’t know we’d just like to caution you to use the popular website
        for good and not evil. Instead of going by overall ratings, read the
        reviews; you may find out that they’re poorly or highly rated according
        to their teaching styles. So if essay writing is your strong suit, Professor A
        who is rated poorly because all tests include essay questions might be
        a great choice for you. If you don’t have a choice as to the isntructor
        you take (maybe they are they only instructor who teaches a particular
        class) Rate My Professor can help you to know what to expect from that
        Instructor and that class.

Create Balance.
         This is a fairly simple concept: pair difficult courses with easier ones
          (courses in subjects that you like and understand). If possible, consider
           taking the most challenging courses alone, say, during the summer, so
          that you can devote more time to it.

Consult your Advisor.
           As an outside observer of your educational career, your advisor might
           have suggestions you haven’t thought of. They advise students on 
          courses and educational plans: when it comes to creating your semester
          and future educational plans, they are your best resource. They’re also
          very happy to help in anyway they can.


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