Think Spring?

Yes. Think Spring Registration, at least.
It seems as though the Fall semester just began, but it’s already time to think about Spring 2014 advance registration, which begins in November.  As always, your advisor strongly encourages you to make sure your bill is paid down to $499 or less so you can take advantage of advance registration.  This is especially important if you take online courses, since the most popular courses will be full before Thanksgiving week.  Some may even fill in the first week or two of advance registration!

The Spring 2014 schedule is available online via STARS.  However, it is not entirely complete, so if you select courses now, you may want to check again before you register in November to see what has been added.

Your advisor encourages you to consult with her or him to make sure you remain on track with your courses and keep progressing efficiently toward your degree.  It is vital that you contact your advisor if you plan to take a course through another institution to confirm course transfer.

You will receive an email to your WIU ZIMBRA email account announcing the earliest possible day and time you may register in November, so keep an eye out for it!


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