Pre-reqs for Upper Division Courses

Worried about pre-requisites in Upper Division (300 or 400 level) courses?  Don’t be.  Most online courses do not have enforced pre-requisites.  Only “enforced” pre-requisites are mandatory.

If you notice on STARS course search, that a course has an ENFORCED pre-requisite, you must have the pre-req posted to your transcript prior to the beginning of the semester, or the registration system will automatically drop you from the course about one week before the start date.

Check your transcript through STARS. Select “Transcript” from your drop down menu. You can clearly see if you have credit posted for specific courses.

If you notice a course has a pre-requisite, but it doesn’t say “enforced” pre-requisite, check your transcript.  If you don’t have credit for the pre-requisite , most often instructors will grant permission to distant adult students who display responsibility, respect, and determination.  STARS course search includes a link to the department website where you can locate the faculty contact info, or use the campus directory.  

Contact instructors through your wiu email, so you have written proof of their permission.  With soft pre-requisites, the registration system will not remove you from the course for not meeting the pre-req, but you could find yourself on the first day of class learning from the instructor that the course will not be feasible without pre-requisite knowledge.  This is very rare, however.  Most pre-requisites are helpful, but not mandatory. 

If you see a pre-requisite that asks if you have coursework from certain general education curriculum categories.  Catagory I is Communication Skills (Eng Composition I and II, and Speech.ategory II is Natural Science and Math.  Category III is Social Sciences.  Category IV is Humanities/Fine Arts, Category V is Multicultural Studies.

When you register, you will be alerted if the course has a pre-requisite.  Don’t be alarmed.  You may meet the pre-req, or can easily get permission to have it waived if it’s not an “enforced” pre-requisite.


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