Register for Fall

Courses are still being added for the Fall 2013 semester!

A number of courses were added in May and June, especially online.  If you’ve already registered but were looking for a course that wasn’t offered at the time, check the schedule again.  We also expect a few more to be added before the new school year begins

If you haven’t registered for your Fall classes yet, register now!  About a third of the online courses are full, many of them the junior and senior level courses.  Evening courses in the Quad Cities are starting to fill, as well.

If a course you want to enroll in is closed now, don’t despair.  First, make sure you’re enrolled in the number of hours you wish to take, even if they aren’t your first choices.  Then, make a list of preferred courses to keep by your computer (and perhaps make a copy to take to work, if you can attempt registration at your office).  Periodically, go to STARS and try to register for the courses that you’d rather take.  If a course is closed, drop it before you try the next one.  When you have success and get into your preferred course, drop the less preferred one you had enrolled in earlier.

Persistence pays off!  This is particularly true just before the beginning of the semester.  The more often you attempt to register, the more likely you are to secure a spot in the course you want.  Good luck!


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