Why Western? Why BGS?

When talking with your students concerning choosing an online degree program, there are many things to consider.  First are your student’s needs:  Are they preparing for an advanced degree such as a Master’s degree, preparing for a career needing a degree, or honing their skills for an already established career?  Second is choosing a university that meets their needs and works with their goals.  Western Illinois University is an accredited university that offers a Bachelor of General Studies Degree.  It is a traditional degree for a nontraditional student.  The following is a list of things to look for when checking out online degree programs.

1.)     Are admission standards lax, allowing unprepared students to register for classes?

WIU’s Bachelor of General Studies Program (BGS) students meet the same admission requirements that traditional/on campus degree seeking students meet for admission.

2.)     Are online students eligible for Financial Aid?

WIU BGS students are eligible to apply for financial aid and if they qualify, will receive the financial aid accordingly.

3.)     Will instructors be university instructors?

All classes are taught by university instructors who also have on campus classes.

4.)    Will students have problems applying to a graduate program with this degree?

The BGS degree is a traditional academic degree with an online component.  Our students have been accepted by graduate degree programs, professional certifications and completed requirements needed for special program admissions.

5.)    Does the flexibility sacrifice any value for the degree?

This is an academic degree from an accredited university.  The flexibility results from the online availability of classes and the opportunity to work the class work around the busy schedules of adult students who have responsibilities that do not allow for a traditional college experience.  This allows the student to take the time that is needed to complete the degree, it may take longer as usually adult students are not able to take a full time class load and still complete their other responsibilities.  The time limit on this degree depends on the availability of the student to complete the courses required.

When speaking with your students, know that an online degree from WIU is a degree from an accredited academic university that will serve them in whatever profession they decide to pursue.


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