A Tradition of Success

Over the course of the Bachelor of General Studies program, we have been fortunate to have found success in serving our students on campus, with our community college partners, and online.   The BGS degree program recently presented diplomas to 119 graduates for spring 2013.

Currently, the courses range from computer science to women’s studies to English, math and economics as well as a variety of other disciplines across the university. Students in the BGS degree program can pursue up to three minors along with their BGS degree.

The BGS program offers several options for minors completed through an online format.  BGS students can couple their general studies degree with fire administration, marketing, sociology, women’s studies, business, pre-MBA, management, and computer science for microcomputer applications all online, allowing students additional minor options in addition to the BGS degree. Currently students can choose from 282 course sections this summer and 247 course sections in the fall.  This allows students a multitude of avenues to complete their degree.

Originally, the program, which began in 1972 and which is currently in its 41st year, was created to meet the needs of adult learners.  BGS boasts former alums such as Vicki Cook (BOT/BA grad 1996) who now serves as the Associate Vice President for Innovation and Technology at Greenville College as well as Nancy Sheets Darr (BOT/BA grad 1990) who headed the Vice President’s Reinventing Government Team which cut red tape and improved the federal government’s logistics and procurement processes.

As a degree program which nurtures the ambitions of its students, the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies awards the Cecile A. Christison Sterrett College Scholar award to a fall and spring graduate to honor the commitment and spirit of the non-traditional student.  This spring’s graduate, Steve Lemming (BGS grad 2013) of Saginaw, Texas, is a lieutenant in the Azle Fire Department as well as a training officer and Emergency Management Services (EMS) Administrative Officer.  Steve represents the BGS student who not only works full-time and is raising a family, but is taking courses online and at a distance to finish his bachelor’s degree from WIU.  Because of individuals like Steve, Nancy, and Vicki, the BGS degree program will continue to serve students as they take on the challenges of their home life as well as their work and educational lives.


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