UNIV 490: Summer Wisely Spent

Did you know that it is possible to earn upper division (300/400 level courses) at work?  UNIV 490 is the BGS Career Internship course that can do just that. UNIV 490 internships are proposed by students and can range in nature and location from volunteer work, to special projects within your current company/workplace. The internship must be centered around learning a new skill or vocation, it must be a position you have no previous experience with. For example, if you will be learning a new computer system or completing management training, you could use that experience as an internship. Of course, traditional internships (paid or unpaid) would work as well. Each forty hours dedicated to the internship will equal one credit of coursework. The course is repeatable up to a maximum of 12 credits total. You will be expected to keep record of your hours and submit a weekly report. At the predetermined end of the internship, you will submit an essay.

If you are interested in pursuing this option either for the summer or the fall semester, read through the information on our website and contact your advisor to walk through the application process.


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