Planning to be a Summer or Fall 2013 Grad?

If you plan to graduate Summer or Fall 2013, you should be thinking about completing and submitting your graduation application!  The application is due April 15 for Summer and July 15 for Fall.

You MUST apply for graduation.  WIU will not graduate you unless you request to be graduated.

But why put off applying for Fall when you register for your courses this month?  Go ahead and send in the application as soon as you register, then it will be done and you won’t have to risk forgetting to do it later.

On the application you must list ALL credits that do not already appear as completed on your WIU transcript.  This includes your Spring 2013 courses, any coursework from other institutions that have not yet been transferred, proficiency exams you have not yet taken, and future courses.  In other words, on the graduation application you are telling us, “I know that I have to complete these things in order to graduate.”  Our Records Officer, Joani, will review your application and let your advisor know that your plan will allow you to graduate or if there is something that needs to be fixed.

It’s VERY important to submit the graduation application as soon as you’ve determined your final plans.  That way if there IS a problem, you have plenty of time to make a substitution and still graduate.

The graduation application is located at


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