Congrats Jen Tibbitts!

Jennifer Tibbitts: WIU Advisor of the Month

BGS Assistant Director and advisor Jennifer Tibbitts was named the February 2013 WIU Advisor of the month.

She was nominated by student Paula Myers of New London, Iowa.   “I have not met Jennifer in person,” said Paula, “but I feel she knows me as an individual and is always looking out for my success. Jennifer has provided me with personal attention and has made me feel like I am the only student she is helping. I know that is not true, but that is how I feel. I look forward to one day actually meeting her in person and thanking her for all the encouragement and special attention that she provided me in attaining my educational goal of a Bachelor degree.”

Jennifer graduated from WIU with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration. She has worked at WIU since 1986 in the area of student service and has been an academic advisor for BGS students since 2007.

She sees her most important roles as an academic advisor as assisting students in developing decision making and other essential skills necessary for academic success, educating students about how to access the variety of resources and services available at WIU, and outlining steps for students to achieve their degrees in the most efficient manner. She strives to promote student independence, efficiency, personal accountability for students` educational plans, and the related skills needed to support academic success.

“It’s always a new adventure working with students who have unique situations and goals from each other. Every educational plan is different with General Studies students,” said Jennifer. “I enjoy assisting in the coordination of those plans to maximize the effectiveness of each course toward meeting both the student’s degree requirements and personal goals. It’s such an honor to assist others who are working so hard juggling numerous responsibilities along with their academics.”



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