Midterms, Early Warnings and Falling GPAs

Theoretically, Early Warnings and Mid-term grades are supposed to help students to determine the direction to take from midterm until the end of the semester.
There are few problems with this:

  1. Midterm grades are usually not given, it is not a university policy to provide those grades.
  2. While many instructors provide early warning grades, it is not mandatory. It is possible to be failing a course and not be aware of it.
  3. Early warning grades only alert students who are receiving grades below a C. If you need a B or an A to boost your GPA, this will not help you.

Instead of waiting for the grades to fall in your lap, contact your instructors during midterm and ask them how you’re doing in the class: what is your grade currently, and if it is not what you need it to be, how it can be improved. With this information, you’ll be better able to ascertain your situation and figure out if you need to drop a course. DO NOT drop a course without first checking in with your advisor and with Financial Aid if applicable.


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