Pappas’ Words of Wisdom

Set Measurable Goals, high but attainable goals for you. I would say channel your inner Spartan Warrior. Reach down deep inside and tell yourself you are going to do this and continue to move forward step by step.

For what it’s worth My Father (God rest his soul), and my Mother were both immigrants to the USA and I was born overseas myself. We later become proud U.S. Citizens. If they can accomplish so much with so little, I can try to do even better. Look to the generations before us for inspiration and what they overcame in-spite of very tough roads & obstacles. Look to yourself for laying down a better future for not only you, but for your family & loved ones.

Channel all, the negative energy, your past frustrations and setbacks in your personal life and business life  into a motivational drive, hunger, passion & determination to do better in the future, be it a day from now, a week, a year or more. Stay calm, stay driven, and stay focused. You can and you will do it!  If it helps, carry a proverbial chip on your shoulder to show your past employer you are better than them, and will be better.  Don’t let the setbacks get you down – I can’t say that enough. Turn the negatives into positives.

Ask your family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, managers for advice.  You would be surprised how much they will be willing to possibly accommodate you if you ask ahead of time.  Some may be interested to hear about your classes.

Keep the fire inside burning bright. Keep that engine fine-tuned. In spite of the stress & limited time, find time to exercise and do things outside of work & school

Balance. Yes I know how difficult it can be to balance work, school, family and life. That’s why you have to take it hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. Keep your eyes on the prize. That prize is your Bachelors Degree and if you want to go on for your Masters Degree, hey great!! And more power to ya! 

The BGS Degree will unlock doors tomorrow that may be locked today. Many of these doors of opportunity will continue to be locked without your Bachelors Degree and that’s even if you have an Associates Degree & Vocational Diploma. I know you can do it!!

Hope to see some of you at the May 2013 Graduation. I plan on being there, God willing. 

Only 2 more classes to go for me!

Thank You!


Gregory Pappas “Greg”

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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