Fall 2012 Dean’s List

Carter, Richard W                                      Marengo, IL

Cummings, Tony R                                    Peoria, IL

Devlieger, Crystal                                        Rockford, IL

Eaton, Dustin                                                Fort Madison, IA

Farha, Michael David                                   Quincy, IL

Flowers, Tenika J                                          Macomb, IL

Fore, Lindsey D                                             O’Fallon, IL

Gerbode, Joy E                                               Lena, IL

Gotay, Genevieve D                                       Chicago, IL

Henricson, Rebecca Anna                           Lindingo, SWEDEN

Hill, Jed A                                                        Nauvoo, IL

Hotle, Joseph                                                  Rock Island, IL

Lewis, Ashley                                                  Wauconda, IL

Morrow, Shawn                                               Springfield, IL

Nava, Alejandro                                              Elgin, IL

Oszfolk, Shawn R                                           Prophetstown, IL

Roberts, Kaileigh D                                       Macomb, IL

Sanders, Eric P                                              Colona, IL

Saylor, Jayson                                                Atkinson, IL

Schaffer, Mary C                                             St. Charles, IL

Van Cleave, Jennifer                                     Princeton, IL

Varney, Kyle M                                                 Chicago, IL

                          Congratulations Students!


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