Angela Veith: Fall 2012 College Scholar

The Fall 2010 School of Distance Learning, International Studies and Outreach

Cecile A. Christison Sterrett College Scholar award was presented at the December Commemcement Ceremony to Angie Veith of Rushville, IL.

            As she completed her Bachelor of General Studies degree, Angie took courses in many areas and found all of them to have sections that were very interesting, even the math requirement!  She enjoyed learning about computers, physical education, nutrition, business writing, and law enforcement.

            “A memorable class was BC 323, Broadcasting and Society,” said Angie.  “Dr. Roger Sadler encouraged us to think beyond ourselves and our place in society.  One course that is helping me with my new position as Admissions Supervisor in the International Admissions Office was FCS 300, Food and Culture, taught by Dr. Susan Greathouse.  Not only did the course cover the various favorite dishes and methods of cooking, but we also learned about the various cultures, habits, and etiquette for those places.  Armed with that information, I am better able to understand why our international students from certain areas are more direct in their communication than Americans are accustomed to.  I also know that sometimes just because a person nods their head in agreement, it doesn’t mean they actually agree, but that is the custom from the part of the world in which they were raised.”

            Returning to school as an adult, Angie was definitely not the same student as she was at age 18.  As is usually the case, as an adult she was more serious about her education and placed a higher value on it.

            “I think it’s important to continue to learn over a lifetime because our society is ever-changing,” she said.

            And continue to learn is exactly what Angie plans.

            “Prior to the BGS program I never dreamed that I would finish my bachelor’s degree.  Once I could finally see that it was actually going to happen, I started thinking beyond that goal,” Angie said.  “It was only within the last year that I decided to earn my master’s degree.  It helps that I’m in the habit of including time for education.  I cannot imagine what it is that people do when they don’t have homework at night!  I think I would be terribly bored!  So why not keep going?”



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