Fire Science Updates and Info

Jennifer Tibbitts will be attending the annual Illinois Fire Chiefs Association conference October 15th and 16th at the Peoria Civic Center.    She looks forward to this event each year and provides a WIU General Studies exhibit.
Tibbitts comments, “The exhibitor hall is a very exciting place, filled with hundreds of displays and emergency response vehicles of all kinds.  I especially enjoy seeing many alumni of our program at this event.  We have many graduates who work in the fire service, and many ask me about a graduate program.   While that is not a reality at this time, there is always hope for a future complementary WIU master’s program that may be achieved without campus attendance for our working adults.”
”WIU’s General Studies (formerly Board of Trustees and Board of Governors) degree has served fire related personnel for decades through our affiliation with the National Fire Academy.  WIU was one of the initial 7 schools  that worked with the NFA to  develop the FESHE (Fire and Emergency Services in Higher Education) curriculum for bachelor’s degree programs.”
Many of our current BGS firefighter students may wish to know a brief history and concise explanation of the program so they can share the information with other firefighters and refer them to the program.
The program is comprised of 13 junior and senior level courses (39 hrs).
Firefighters who pursue the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS) degree apply the FESHE courses to their BGS degree requirements.  Upon graduation with their Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree, firefighters who complete the 30 hour NFA degree completion certification within their BGS requirements  will automatically earn a minor in Fire Administration and transcribed certification in either or both of the National Fire Academy concentrations:  Fire Administration and Management  and Fire Prevention Technology.
Another option for distant firefighters who don’t choose the 30 hour certificate is an 18hr minor in Fire Administration from WIU.    The requirements for the WIU minor currently include the following FESHE curriculum/WIU courses:  FS 481, FS 482, 483, 485 plus 6 hours more of directed electives.  All can be completed online.  These current requirements changed from the previous requirements of LEJA 306, 310, 483, 486 plus 6 hours of directed electives.
A prefix change occurred this year for fire service related courses with the LEJA prefix.  Beginning Fall 2012, these have changed to the prefix FS.  The prefix change is a precursor to a new Fire Service degree opportunity at WIU.  The Law Enforcement and Justice Department is in the process of offering a new Bachelor’s degree opportunity. The degree will be a Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Services.   There will be an option of study designed for the career firefighter and a separate option for the traditional student who desires fire service as a future career.  This degree is intended to be available Fall 2013, but will be available only to students in physical attendance on the Macomb campus.
For more information visit the LEJA department or the Distance Learning page devoted to firefighter specific degree and certificate options.


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