Earn Credit for Work Related Training

The American Council on Education (ACE) is the nation’s most influential higher education association, representing more than 1,800 member institutions from all sectors of higher education.  Besides giving higher education a unified voice at the center of federal policy debates in critical areas, ACE also develops research and innovative practices to institutions of all types and levels.

Of most direct importance to BGS students is the Center for Lifelong Learning, which provides the College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT).  This program helps adults earn academic credit for certain workplace training courses and examinations.

When company or training agency has hired ACE to evaluate such courses or examinations, ACE will make a determination of what, if any, type of academic credit may be recommended for award.  Individual colleges and universities can choose to accept the recommendations and award credit (partial, full, or otherwise).

The WIU Bachelor of General Studies degree awards all credit recommended by ACE, with a few exceptions.  For instance, if our Records Officer determines that a recommendation duplicates credit already earned, that particular credit is not awarded.

There is a small fee for each course/examination that is awarded credit.  This $30 per course/exam fee applies only to the courses for which you actually earn and apply credit.  Our Records Officer will inform you if there are credits that could be awarded but would not progress you toward your degree.  For instance, if you need all upper division credit to complete your degree, but there are courses on your training transcript that award only lower division credit, she will contact you to ask whether you want to have those placed on your WIU transcript for the $30 fee.

You are responsible for researching whether your training/examination has been recommended for credit.  The BGS staff will not look up your previous work training and exams for you.  You can search for your training/examinations at www.acenet.edu/credit.

Have official (sent directly from the source of training) transcripts mailed to the BGS office

Military Personnel:

If you didn’t have your AARTS or SMART evaluated when you were admitted to the BGS degree, or if you’ve had additional training or changed duties since your initial evaluation, you should go to http://www.wiu.edu/student_services/veterans/#credit.  This applies to active duty as well as veterans.


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