October is Midterm

At least that’s what it means to the average college student. We’d like to wish you luck with any midterm exams and to remind you of all the help available during your time of need:

The University Writing Center- http://www.wiu.edu/university_writing_center/ The Western Illinois University Writing Center is willing to work with our online students. This is a great place to get help and guidance on essays of any kind.

A good resource for any online college student and one that was suggested to us by The University Writing Center here at Western. The site has comprehensive information about grammar, citations, MLA, APA, and just about good writing in general. It’s definitely worth the bookmark.

U-Tech Support Center – http://www.wiu.edu/university_technology/support/index.php
Help with computer related issues, an essential resource for the age of the computer dependent student.

Your Local Community College – Maybe. This one is not a sure thing but I’d consider it a very good lead. Community Colleges are public, open admission colleges designed to provide educational and sometimes career resources to the communities they serve. Oftentimes, they have services that are free to anyone in the community including libraries (college librarians are amazing resources) and help centers/student success centers.

Your Instructor – They are there to help you on your road to success. Given enough advanced notice and using the preferred method of communication provided by the instructor, they should be able to help you with questions…or refer you to a resource that can.

The Course Syllabus – Read it again. It is designed to provide information to guide students through the course. This information may include details regarding assignments, tips on studying for tests or suggested resources and readings.

If all else fails, contact your advisor. We may be able to find other resources or even provide insight into your struggle that you might have missed in your panic to succeed. As always, we are here to help.


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